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  Magnet Max … A children’s book for kids! Follow Magnet Max and Nick as they explore the powers of the magnetic force. Searching throughout the house this duo learns what has the "special force" and what doesn't. Enjoy the wonderful illustrations with your kids and have your magnetic adventures.

$12.95 USD | €11.99 EUR
Paperback | 24 Pages
Appropriate for Ages 5 to 9 | Grades K to 3

  Magnet Max: Sing It with Science Kit . . . Writer and educator Monica L. Hughes offers a new time- saving tool for teachers and parents alike: a packaged kit featuring children's book Magnet Max and Hughes' new CD, Sing It with Science. This disc features eleven science-themed songs, including “Seasons,” “Movement,” “What Is a Scientist?,” “Plant Chant,” and more. Classic and memorable tunes make for fun, easy learning, and laminated lyric sheets allow you to follow along with each song. This engaging resource is a perfect and entertaining introduction to the foundations of science.

$29.99 USD
Appropriate for Ages 5 to 9 | Grades K to 3

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